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Korean-American recording artist Jay Park not only has millions of fans across Asia and is also developing a following in the United States, particularly in New York. NY1’s Lewis Dodley filed this report as part of Asian-American Heritage Week.

He’s a singer, dancer and rapper but his fans say that still doesn’t begin to describe Jay Park’s talent.

The 25-year-old Korean-American phenom has millions of fans across Asia. But if you want proof of his popularity in New York, look no further than a line for his recent concert in Midtown that wound around the corner and stretched for several blocks 8 hours before the show.

“I guess I’m a really dedicated Jay Park fan,” said one fan who waited for over 24 hours for tickets. “I don’t want to take the chance that anyone else got those front-row seats. I’m making sure I’m here first.”

“He’s like a triple threat,” said another fan. “I love him. And I love his tattoos too. They’re really nice.

“He’s such a good dancer and a good singer and he has a great personality,” said another. “I like his personality.”

“I speak both English and Korean,” Park said. “I’m writing songs in both English and Korean. I do rap, I dance, I sing. I do a whole bunch of things. I just feel like I’m a whole new breed of artist.”

The road wasn’t easy for Park. After a tumultuous break-up with the Korean group 2 p.m., Park re-emerged on the internet with a cover of the BoB and Bruno Mars hit “Nothing on You,” which he sung in his parents’ bathroom. It got 2 million YouTube hits in less than a day, setting the stage for his return to Korea.

“You sense that there’s a little something deeper, which I think we want as an American audience and what Korean-Americans want to see from their pop stars,” said Minya Oh of Miss Info. “They want to see behind the gloss.”

Now, Park is among a growing list of Asian-American entertainers like Far East Movement, who topped the Billboard charts for a while and Aziatics, who are driven by the catchy raps of Queens native Flowsik.

Park is taking off with his his primarily Korean CD “New Breed,” with an English CD to follow. Park says that if mainstream success comes, it’ll just happen.

“I was born in the States,” he said. “I grew up listening to hip-hop and R&B in the States. When I make music, it’s what comes out naturally.”

I uploaded my short Body2Body fancam from the APAHM Los Angeles tour!!!

[FANCAM] 120527 Jay Park “Body2Body” at APAHM Los Angeles (by lrg728)


Ad for Jay’s concert at times square ^^

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All of Jay’s TV performances for NEW BREED.

[Jay Park] NEW BREED TV performance_박재범 (by rainytree1)

Verizon APAHM Tour 2012 ft. JAY PARK - TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT (by VerizonAPAHMtour)


Is there any artist you really adore and respect more than any other artist? 

I have a lot of respect for Jay Park. Mainly because I know how hard it can be coming from a foreign country and trying to succeed in Korea. I also respect his ability to showcase his music in both Korean and English. I also really like his style of music and how he seems to focus on putting out music that he actually likes. He’s also very talented. There are very few in Korean music that can sing, rap, and dance the way he does.


It’s ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME that @JAYBUMAOM’s Twitter acct was VERIFIED!!! 드뎌 사장님 튓터 어카운트에 파란 체크마크!

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Look 2 Listen - EP
Then I Saw You (ft. Jay Park) - English ver.
Another Day (ft. G.NA, DOK2) - English ver.
처음 있는 일 [Then I Saw You] (ft. Jay Park) - Korean ver.
친구보다는 [Another Day] (ft. G.NA, DOK2) - Korean Ver.

Good songs! Don’t forget to check the MVs too. :D 



for $3.96

Look 2 Listen - EP

  1. Then I Saw You (ft. Jay Park) - English ver.
  2. Another Day (ft. G.NA, DOK2) - English ver.
  3. 처음 있는 일 [Then I Saw You] (ft. Jay Park) - Korean ver.
  4. 친구보다는 [Another Day] (ft. G.NA, DOK2) - Korean Ver.

Good songs! Don’t forget to check the MVs too. :D 

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The guy who is cockblocked but still shares his limited stage with his family humbly. 


Rookie female soloist Ailee earns her way into the Top 10 with her track “Heaven,” an emotional R&B ballad with a melody that recalls Bruno Mars' hook on the Bad Meets Evil track “Lighters.” An American-born Korean, the vocalist has made a name for herself with her YouTube covers and TV appearances in both the U.S. and Korea. Her big moment came with her first place on Korean television show “Singers & Trainees” with a cover of Beyonce's “Halo” (which the song sounds somewhat similar to). The beautiful harmonies on the verses (no doubt helped by her training with mentor, Wheesung, who’s also on the chart at No. 25 with “Road of Tears”) and the catchy, repetitious “heaven” hook make this one likely to stick around for a promising new act.

Another American-born Korean, big time solo male act Jay Park, makes his way to the Top 10 too at No. 9 with “Know Your Name.” A sonic combination of Euro-electro pop and R&B, the club banger has a production that wouldn’t sound out of place with on a Jay Sean or Jason DeRulo album. With a lot of English lyrics in the track, perhaps the song could make its way to their ears? The song kicks off with underground rapper Dok2 spitting some raps before Jay (Park, not Sean, keep up) takes over the track. Yet where Jay Park may have other male vocalists beat is in the dark department with Jay showing off slick solo moves and tight choreography with his dancers.


For example, the R&B singer Jay Park’s songs and albums have hit No. 1 on the R&B/Soul charts on iTunes in the United States, Canada and Denmark since 2010.

“Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Jay Park is not just an artist but also his own P.R. agent, fan club president and TV network,” said Bernie Cho, president of DFSB Kollective, a digital music distributor and branding company based in Seoul that also distributes Mr. Park’s music. “He is bypassing traditional media gatekeepers locally and gate-crashing his way globally onto overseas charts via social media.”


Posted about this jacket before but kinda cool to see both Jay Park and Jeremy Lin donning the same NSW Exclusive Pinnacle Destroyer Nike jacket. I’ve seen several peops saying how these two remind them of each other… I kinda agree haha…I see some similarities albeit slight ones.

Anyways, in terms of personality, both are totally dope, kind and humble with winsome personalities so, cheers and success to both these two Asian Americans making their own paths in their respective fields! #NewBreed!

JWalkerz, I made a playlist of Jay Park’s New Breed Concert vids I just saw since someone asked me to link them the vids. I thought I’d share it with others since I already made it. Enjoy!

Shoutout to all those who recorded fancams! You are all the best. Wish I was there too!!!! I hope there’s a concert DVD!