Rookie female soloist Ailee earns her way into the Top 10 with her track “Heaven,” an emotional R&B ballad with a melody that recalls Bruno Mars' hook on the Bad Meets Evil track “Lighters.” An American-born Korean, the vocalist has made a name for herself with her YouTube covers and TV appearances in both the U.S. and Korea. Her big moment came with her first place on Korean television show “Singers & Trainees” with a cover of Beyonce's “Halo” (which the song sounds somewhat similar to). The beautiful harmonies on the verses (no doubt helped by her training with mentor, Wheesung, who’s also on the chart at No. 25 with “Road of Tears”) and the catchy, repetitious “heaven” hook make this one likely to stick around for a promising new act.

Another American-born Korean, big time solo male act Jay Park, makes his way to the Top 10 too at No. 9 with “Know Your Name.” A sonic combination of Euro-electro pop and R&B, the club banger has a production that wouldn’t sound out of place with on a Jay Sean or Jason DeRulo album. With a lot of English lyrics in the track, perhaps the song could make its way to their ears? The song kicks off with underground rapper Dok2 spitting some raps before Jay (Park, not Sean, keep up) takes over the track. Yet where Jay Park may have other male vocalists beat is in the dark department with Jay showing off slick solo moves and tight choreography with his dancers.